picture of a 'Fallen Angel'
picture of Don White
'I Believe' snow globe
picture of angel flying
Don White   
singing Angel In Pieces
at The Bull Run Restaurant
in Shirley, Massachusettes
on October 21, 2000
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A Note of Thanks
Sound clip from Brown Eyes Shine *
Angel In Pieces
lyrics by Don White, music by Jon Svetkey
accompanied by The Loomers

Fallen Angel used with permission from the artist: Isaura Simon
Brown Eyes Shine
copyright 1999, Lyrmoon Music ASCAP
"Life rains down so hard upon some people that we know.
It tears their faith and hope away and they walk around like ghosts.

We see them as they are breaking and as their spirit dies,
But deep inside we still believe they will come alive and fly."
"Now she walks across the room like she could walk across the sky,
and those old dark eyes are so alive they set the room on fire.

This is no shattered angel I say to myself.
I feel ZuZu's petals **.  I hear one small bell."
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' Angel In Pieces'
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"I saw an angel in pieces as if the pieces all fell from the sky.
And I said in my heart I believe this sad angel someday will fly."
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