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"There is a little girl with pretty curls, she's about five years old.
She's waiting at the gate for her dad to come home.
When he pulls round the corner in his shiny white car,
she feels the magic light up in her heart.
He picks her up and he holds her.
He says he missed her and he's glad that she is here.
As the child lays her head on his shoulder,
she whispers these words in his ear:
'Daddy I know exactly what love is.
Love is real simple and true.
Love is this feeling my heart gets
when I'm being held close by you.' "
picture of little girl waiting for her Dad
Written and performed by Don White
at the Greenwood Coffee House in Ann Arbor, Michigan
on November 17, 2000
"Now she is twenty
and there's plenty of love everywhere.
She's getting married,
so her family and friends are all there."
picture of husband holding wife
"They are older,
and no one told her
it got crazy like this."
picture of three kids playing in bed
"They're going to night school.
They're working jobs too,
and they are raising three kids."
picture of husband and wife on her graduation day
I Know What Love Is
music and lyrics by Don White
copyright 1992
Lyric Moon Recordings 1992, 1994, 1996
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This sound clip of 'I Know What Love Is'
on this page is from a live show.

You may have heard the version of this song
which includes harmony.  That version is found
on a CD titled Acoustic Alliance Volume 1.

'I Know What Love Is' is also on Don White's
CD called Vagabonds In Disguise,
that version is acapella.

It can also be found on his Rascal CD
accompanied by piano and drums.

A live version of
"I Know What Love Is"
can be viewed on the recently
released DVD:

"It's a Great Day.  Don White Live in Watertown"

While I enjoy all the versions of this song
that are on the CD's,
I have to say that none of them are as
powerful as hearing 'I Know What Love Is'
performed live by Don White.

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